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    About us

    SecureOne Security Inc was founded in 2006 as an electronic security solutions company focusing on providing its clients with peace of mind by developing and implementing reliable security solutions. SecureOne provides affordable and higher- end security products from basic security systems to more sophisticated home- automated systems locally and regionally.

    We have a knowledgeable team with over 52 combined years of effectively navigating the security industry and deliberately focusing on service above self. The vision is to develop a company capable of providing comprehensive and personalized security solutions to homeowners and companies. The SecureOne advantage lies in putting you in control by allowing you to monitor what matters most to you no matter where you are, and if desired, we will do it for you.

    Secureone Access Control

    SecureOne provides access control, staying true to our vision of making your world convenient. Customers can have an automated home or business, incorporating television, audio, telephone, internet and lighting distribution through the entire building, not to mention the ability to access these services remotely. Imagine being able to be away from home and turn on/off a light or television, adjust the temperature, turn on/ off an Air Conditioning unit, unlock a door, control your alarm system, open your gate so you don’t have to get out in the rain or let in that person until you arrive, turn on your electric cooker to warm up the food left for you. The limitations to these systems are your imagination.


    Customized To Meet Your Specific Safety Needs

    SecureOne provides a wide selection of security solutions for home or business in the form of fire and burglary systems, access control, closed circuit television, and automation and even guard tour systems catering to the manned side of security as well.

    Access Control

    As stays true with SecureOne these products again suit all budgets. They go from simple coded entry locks, Electronic gates and barriers to proximity cards...

    Burglar Alarms

    As with the fire alarms these can range from a single localised alarm, raised when a door or window is opened to a complex hybrid or fully wireless system  configurations...

    Fire Alarms

    These range from basic localised pull station alarms to the more complex wireless systems which can be monitored from a remote location...

    Guard Tour Systems

    These are used by guard companies and other institutions to make sure rounds and patrols are done in a timely fashion without having to rely on someone...

    Article Surveillance

    SecureOne also offers Article Surveillance systems for stores in the form of pedestals which set off an alarm if the tag has not been removed from or deactivated...

    Closed-circuit television

    Once again these systems are available to all budget ranges. They go from simple observation systems to those that record. Recording can be done by a special DVR...

    Medical Systems

    SecureOne offers Medical or panic systems as well, these systems comprise of a medical or panic button wired or wireless, which when pushed...

    Central Monitoring Station

    SecureOne also provides a 24 hour Central monitoring station service along with trained response teams ready to be there for you in your time of need...


    SecureOne provides automation, staying true to our vision of making your world convenient. Customers can have an automated home or business...

    Find Peace Of Mind With Smart Home Security System

    Integrated Security Solutions & Remote Monitoring 24/7

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    Total Control Over Securing Your Business

    Confidentiality Between the Client and SecureOne Security Inc.

    SecureOne Security Inc. treats any information pertaining to our Client very seriously and with the utmost discretion. "Confidential Information" shall mean all non-public information of the Client or its affiliates, subsidiaries, customers, vendors, and contractors (whether oral, written or electronic), including any analyses, compilations, photo’s, studies, notes or other documents which contain or otherwise reflect such information. Confidential Information includes but is not limited to financial, commercial, and technical data, analysis and information; strategies, projections, forecasts, assumptions and results; inventory; procurement practices; customer, supplier, vendor, contractor and pricing lists and information; management structure and organizational needs; methods of production, distribution, or operation; technology in any stage of development, trade secrets, techniques, processes, concepts, ideas, inventions, know-how, and all copies, compilations and derivative works thereof and any visual observations or conversations overheard by the company or its personnel.

    Protect Your Home Or Business With Our Unique Solutions

    From large enterprises to local business security platforms, from simple camera solutions for small offices to complex enterprise class video systems for large campuses.